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    Willpower & Endurance Rampage


      First off, I really hate to whine about losing, and I generally take my losses like a man. But I'm getting quite frustrated with this Willpower & Endurance deck I keep meeting all the time, literally, almost everytime.

      I'm at Warrior rank, and this deck is all I see.


      The playthroughs are all equal too. the Trainer comes on early, then the 'Fill a lane with grunts', then the Divine Fervor. Or 2 divine Fervors, followed by more grunts.


      As removal I constantly see the Javelin, the Edict of Azura and the Shrivelled mummy. So apart from a very quick setup and boosting, this deck has 9 counters to creatures, of which 6 are Prophesy.

      The golden daedra is there as well, as my health is always lower due to the quick buildup. So that means generally a lot of auto-guards to protect the Armor boosting and the Attack boosting.


      I play a mostly mono blue deck, and I rely on Firestorm to clear small creatures. But the last play, my opponent went with Armorer, followed with 'Fill a lane with grunts'. And they all got 3 defence, putting them beyond even

      my firestorm....really my only counter.


      Well, perhaps I'm just doing something wrong and should stop whining, but I had to vent this.

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          Burn and Pillage is a good board clear vs token decks and can still be behind on health

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            Ah, thanks, I'll try that!

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              I have been playing a deck similar to the one you describe for a couple of days. I am starting to get a little bored with it. Looking through my history I can see that people who beat me usually have either green or blue in their deck.


              Memorable problems for it were cheap lethals, Chaurus Reaper, Finish Off and cards that build or have extra damage when actions are played.


              If the willpower deck didn't quite work out for your opponent and they have a bunch of 1/3 grunts the whole lane can be rendered useless and blocked essentially with a Chaurus Reaper. The only thing I could do in that case was turn them into guards to force them to be attacked.


              If you are going the red route, I found Child of Hircine with a breakthrough weapon to be quite satisfying and demoralizing to the opponent. I found Burn and Pillage to be useful only 50% of the time, which I guess would be about par for the course. I am new to games like these, but I hope I have given you some decent ideas.

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                Blue mono decks are the best for clearing wide decks.  Get some torturers and some winter cards.  Add some harpys and maces.  Problem solved.

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                  Thanks for the advice guys, guess there is still hope

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                    Well, agility decks kind of solve all these issues.


                    And blue deals with the early game, green has even more removals than blue AND has creatures your enemy HAS to deal with.


                    Try using cards like, Charrus, Murkwater Shaman, Murkwater Witch. They kill off the 1/1s and throw in a Vicious Dreug for the Divine fervor (I do that! It works wonders. Only 1 will do.).

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