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    Turn timer for disconnected players reset after prophecy card drawn



      First of all I wanted to say, that ES:L is becoming a great game and i'm enjoying it alot

      The issue I'm writing about is not a bug, but a disconvenient feature, probably not intended to occure.

      While playing a versus game against an opponent that (i assume) disconnected or went afk, his turn timer was shortened (as intended by the developers), but upon destroying one of his seals, he managed to pull a prophecy card, which he didn't do anything about as being afk/dc'd. When the timer for his decision about that prophecy card ended and I ended my turn, the timer for his turn - which should still be shortened (as intended by the developers) - was reset to full turn lenght. Since my opponent never rejoyned the game i was unnececerely stuck in it for another two minutes(?). Again, it's not a huge deal, but nonetheless it could be changed for convenience. Thanks in advance

      Best regards