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    New Keywords, cards, game mode, and general mechanics ideas


      New keyword idea:

      Berserk: mainly for orc, nords, and animal cards, decreases damage received by 1 when the card is dealt damage. if it is dealt 5 damage it takes 4.


      New card ideas:

      Bandage: puts a cards health back to default but doesnt heal it. card remains in a wounded state. good cheap way to keep cards alive for a bit longer.

      Retaliation cards: like support cards, but give to bonuses for losing runes. Strength retaliation would deal 2 damage to the enemy when one of your runes are destroyed. Agility would deal 1 damage to each enemy creature that attacked this turn when your rune is destroyed. Willpower would gain 2 health when your rune is destroyed (activates when enemy turn is over). Endurance would give your guards +0/1 for each rune destroyed. Intelligence would draw an additional card when your rune id destroyed. 



      Game mode idea: 2v2. there are 3 lanes. the far left and right are shadow lanes and can only attack the player directly across from you. middle is standard lane that holds 6 and is shared between the team and can attack each player. if one player on a team dies, the remaining player can put cards in all lanes. if it turns into a 1v1 the far left shadow lane becomes unplayable and it turns into a normal game.



      general mechanics. please. PLEASE, let the player decide what card to discard if their hand is full. i, and im pretty sure most players, hate when the card you needed so badly to turn the game around was your next draw but its auto discarded.

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          I like the 2v2 idea, though I wouldn't change a thing about how cards are discarded when there's no space for them in hand.


          Milling others out of their decks is a opener to alot of stratergies. Though blue really doesn't need that much more draw, we would prefer if we could crowd control the board a little better. ANd I can speak for Endurance players that they would prefer if non-guard creatures got 1 health too.


          Thumbsup nonetheless, good post!

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            I wish that the vs. battles randomized the lanes instead of only having the same shadow on the right, nothing on the left.  When you play solo arena there are so many different types of lanes and it keeps game play interesting.  Just a thought...

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              Berserk is a poor name for the effect your suggesting, a real Norse berzerker basically runs into battle with no regard for self defense, a word like 'shield' would be more appropriate.


              Very much like any kind of 2v2 option, though I expect UI would be difficult and I coordinating with allies would be hard.  I did a lot of MtG 2v2 and 3v3 games, operating on a shared team life pool is better because it keeps everyone in the game until the end.


              I VERY much like randomizing lanes and will be posting a thread with some ideas of my own in this area soon.