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    I may be a little confused about how Race/Class affects your card types.


      So I chose Dark Elf as my race in the beginning because I wanted to use the types "Intelligence" and "Agility" and I thought that those were attached to Dark Elves. However I'm on chapter 7 and I just realized my deck is comprised of only Strength and Endurance cards... Will I be able to change this later? Did I randomly get assigned a class and not assassin? Basically I'm wondering if I have to restart my game in order to use Intel/Agility. Thanks in advanced for answering!

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          You are talking about a "chapter 7", so i assume you are playing the campaign. There you are able to play basic sets, at the beginning only one deck, later more. It has nothing to do with your avatar

          you can go to your collection and build your own deck based on whatever attributes u want to use(if you have enough cards). The avatar only has an influence on your card draw (i believe only while opening packs, not in a match up, but I'm not that sure).

          So don't worry, you don't have to restart the whole game

          I hope i didn't misunderstand your problem.


          Edit: If I'm not mistaken, you are offered a second basic set in or after chapter 8 ah and btw, try all different deck styles, you shouldn't focus on only one

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            Yes, progressing through the story will gain you whole new decks, and it is scripted, so you will go through the story in the same order as everyone else.  It is how you obtain all of your basic starter set of cards, so definitely finish it.  like he said above, too, it lets you try out all of the different deck styles/colors too.


            To add onto above, your avatar doesn't influence what comes in your packs, only what cards you might get when you level up.  If you don't care too much about that (because you don't know what color of cards you really want early on), then the main thing to know is that you get a free legendary at level 24 and 32.  The avatar you have when you ding 24 and 32 will make a HUGE difference on which pool of legendaries yours is chosen from.


            You can find lots of great info on a thread pinned to the top of the reddit page:




            Of particular note is the one called, "Color Distribution of Races."  It goes over all of the synergies and what races aren't part of what colors.  At the bottom is a chart pool of legendaries yours will be chosen from at 24 and 32 depending on the race of your avatar.  If you remain Dark Elf:


            Queen Barenziah         (Intelligence/Agility blend, Unique)

            Necrom Mastermind     (Agility aka green)

            Indoril Archmage          (Intelligence aka blue)

            Divayth Fyr                   (Intelligence Unique)


            You really have lots of time to play around with your avatar, I just advise researching heavily which legendary set you want to get your legendary from by level 24.  If you remain Dark Elf avatar, at lv 24 you will get a random one from above, and another at lv 32.  So if you decide you want to play with purple and yellow predominantly (early on, you will eventually have most cards so can play them all), then those may do you no good.

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