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    Any one else think endurance is too strong?


      It seems too strong.

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          It seems not.

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            looks like you are the only one who thinks that

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              Originally I thought (and still think sometimes) that Agility is a bit too strong and Intelligence is a bit weak. But I think it's my impression, I haven't really seen a possible advantage an attribute has on another.


              Every attribute has it's strengths and weaknesses. Your deck must be able to deal with both of them, from all attributes.

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                Exactly, Nihlus - it's like rock-paper-scissors in that regard - now that said, most things that need to be dealt with do have a colorless option - although inefficiently/less flexibly. (i.e. Dreugh for Support vs. the more efficient/flexible options)

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                  yea I'm not really talking  about my deck or even complaining. I've just noticed that endurance seems to not only be the most popular but the most versatile as well. Of all the options from all the attributes endurance seems to not only have the most options, but the best options of those options...... options again.....




                  P.S. I'm really glad to see that they are doing something with attributes again...