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    suggested card change . . .


      Please drastically change -brutal ashlander-


      It randomly wrecks key creatures you've been building up on the board. I concede when it does (I should just concede when it is played).


      This is not at all why I want to see this card changed - but it is a 1 cost card that randomly wins games. you've carefully stablized and are even on the verge of coming back against yet another tough aggro deck, and the one target it hits on the board is your face, oops, you've lost. In a carefully created game with separate lanes and zones it reaches across lanes.


      Now, it could easily be errated to read something like, 'deals 3 damage to a random creature in this lane'. Please don't do that. It's too #*!#*! annoying. Would prefer to see it do 3 damage to an opponents face than that. In fact this change, or changed to this, would leave it similar to the agility 3/3 dark elf that has Last Gasp deal 3 damage to opponent gain 3 life. They could be cousins. Now, 3 to the face might be a bit much for a 1 mana cost creature, but much, much, better than what it is now. all I know is really change this card.


      Oh, please change the endurance healer, Rose Herbalist. Have it simply heal a random creature (that way it could potentially heal itself). No one plays the card as it is. It likely still wouldn't be played that much even after being improved with this change (so improve it even more if wanted)!