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      Map #4 finally finished #gelobledo to find. Genetics lab overrun teams keep being slaughtered. sent in solo to destroy facility. this map is a little tough i die usally about 5 times per play. destructables, special event half way through, end battle hardest so far in series. try it out let me know of bugs, problems ect. only tested single player.

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          A REACTOR MAN updated check it out


          1. Moved, changed, and added new modules

          2. Changed around different varibles for various enemies and upgrades

          3. Added new upgrades keep a sharp eye out for them

          4. Changed weapon room card color now can acess weapons for last part of map instead of just final battle

          5. Now ask to choose path to final battle added enemies to other path were there was none before

          6. Added more hud objectives to help better understand objectives and where to go next

          Give a try thanks for the plays and likes