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    Can we reduce the cost of Ice Storm / firestorm?


      Ice Storm and firestorm aren't exactly cutting it in the current games where most minions played 2 or more turns earlier still easily survive their effects due to their high magicka costs.


      The whole point of Aoes is to punish your enemy for over-investing in swarming the board with creatures, but these two cards are too late by the time you play them due to most creatures easily having more than 3/2 health and costling as low as 2 magicka - which results in in a pair of cards that seem a bit  ...too late to be effective.


      I think a turn 5 Ice Storm or a turn 3 firestorm would not be too much to ask, it would at least make firestorm see some play and Ice storm can become less situationally useful by a tiny bit.

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          Let me add back in something my phone accidently missed:


          "The whole point of Aoes is to punish your enemy for over-investing in swarming the board with creatures, but at the heavy cost of possibly clearing what board you had, taking heavy health damage beforehand AND passing initiative back to your opponent where he can potentially build his board back up again."

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            Imo ice storm for 6 would be ok but it should be prophecy or an 5 cost card. Firestorm for 3 with prophecy would be to much to ask for.


            Atm i try to play minions first to set up a better icestorm for next turn.

            After they value tradet and try to keep their board alive and extended ice storm hits even harder.


            I really miss an silence card or morph like mummy in the intelligence/willpower card pool

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              I think 5 mana will be great and more useful for int decks. 6 is a bit late.

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                As I use wards on my deck, I don't really see a problem with those card's costs. Fire storm will kill enemies and give my Iliac Sorcerer double power or just remove the ward of my Storm Atronach. But again, it's just for me.

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                  But your deck is not only Iliac and storm right? By the turn 6 you will almost sure have your creatures standing without wards! 6-7-8 turn can be crucial if your are facing agro or token!

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                    Not accurate, I bring many warded characters, lesser wards, elixir of deflection and High King Emeric so I have lots of wards all the time

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                      If you buff AoE spells there will be zero reasons to play aggro, the game already punishes it very heavily


                      I think it was intended to be a tempo loss if you watch all of the AoE-s of the game overall

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                        AOE cards in general are either underpowered or overpriced. And I thought HS had poor AOE cards, this game just doesn't approve of mass removal.

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                          People really having problems with this card (Ice Storm). What do you call swarming the battlefield with creatures?


                          If I play one creature per turn, that means I am an aggro player?

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                            12 mana. Play this card and win the game.


                            Wasn't there a card like that in Magic? Sounds familiar somehow haha.


                            I wouldn't complain...... some of the games drag on and on and on with all the control already out there.   Seriously though, face decks are needed or you'll have nothing to pawn with your beloved control decks at all.  And like some others have already stated.... they would be non-existent with aoe buffs. Not to mention everyone would have them in their decks because there would be little choice and you would be sick of seeing those nasty buggers in no time. NERF AOE's WHAT THE FK!!!  Can already see the threads..... hehe