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    Quick Cheap Way to Grind Out Soul Gems


      I remember hearing on the forums from an early post about a fellow that just played against the expert AI to get soul gems quick, and I thought I'd give it a shot. Turns out this deck works out pretty well, you just throw down cards in one lane and outrace the AI, going face ever time. I think out of the 20 trial games I won 17 of them, and the majority of the games were done by round 7 (savage ogre.) You can check out the link here for the deck list (of 47 commons by the way):


      CheapSoulGemGrinder - Archer Deck - Other - Legends Decks - The Elder Scrolls: Legends


      And a youtube video I made covering the subject in greater depth.



      I would love to hear about your own experiences and decks you've made to grind out soul gems!

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          Winning three games at the normal arena is way more effective.

          Lets say you play 5 games to win three games at the arena (two loses).

          You get around 50 soul stones, one blue card that is equal to 15 soul stones, and 6 more cards.

          One of them must be blue card, other probably white. that means 15+25=40 souls at least.

          You get at least 115 soul stones for 5 games at versus arena for three wins.


          For 5 games at AI battles you get 15*5=75 soul stones.

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            I just want to give a personal thanks you the author of this post. Very helpfull deck just tried it out before even saw the end of the video, n i got lethal by turn 5. I do have a2 decks which got me to the level 3 so far on versus, but they dont work agaisnt expert. And about solo arenas, i actually ran into bad picks and couldnt even get 3 wins... Thank you once again for your effort