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    Breton Conjuror: Add 1 health to the poor guy!


      I've been trying out certain cards that don't see play recently and one of those is Breton Conjuror:


      A 1/1 with Ward that summons a 5/5 atronach of frost that Guards when his ward is broken. He costs 4 magicka.


      But the issue with him is that for a 4 cost that only has 1 attack, that only is ever useful if his ward gets broken (meaning that if your enemy somehow avoids doing so, he's ...quite pointless AND EXPENSIVE). Yet he also only has 1 health and given the prevalence of Silence and Curses out there, he kind of dies pointlessly to alot of things. This is the reason why he doesn't see play, he;s too expensive and dies too easily to do even anything. His low attack and health makes him extremely susecptible to plenty of things that bypass ward.


      However, that being said, his effect is probably 1 magicka cost more valuable than himself (though very delayed). A frost atronach usually costs 5 while the breton only costs 4. So I'm not asking for anything that might improve his offensive capabilities because that would, in my opinion, make this card slightly unbalanced given his rather useful (if he doesn't die) effect.



      Thus I'm just proposing to give him 1 extra health, to make him a 1/2 for 4 cost instead of a 1/1 for 4 cost. This way, he can still be shut down by Silences such as Earthbone spinner and curses which cost significantly less than him (3 and 0). But, at least for an expensive 4 cost, you would still have a 0/1 immobile breton or 1/2 silenced breton on the field remaining which might result in him being a tiny bit more viable in today's decks or at least ....not completely pointless, so that players can perhaps later (if willing) give him another use. For a 4 cost, that isn't too much to ask, is it?

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          Even though I consider Breton Conjurer a very balanced, useful, effective and one of my favorite cards, I still agree with you. +1 health wouldn't change much the gameplay if you don't get silenced or cursed.


          Just talking now: I'm still waiting to get another 2 Breton Conjurers in my ward sorcerer deck, last time I used him I got 3 Frost Atronachs on one lane.

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            Love the blue deck.... heck one of the few I still mess around with in mono. When playing with him all you can think is "god I wish he wasn't a 1/1".  Then you get those times when the support card shows up and the stars align and he feels broken as all hell already.....


            So I don't know what to think. Can't disagree with wanting +1 health but with a shield.... isn't that his only real trade-off? Would making him a 3 cost and leaving him at 1 health break him? Seriously I'm with you guys here just not sure what wouldn't completely break him. Besides intel/blue as a whole is already plenty competent.

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              Don't forget add 1 magicka cost to him then, this card is good as it is now.

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                Yeah, he's good as is. You make no mention of the fact that this effect can be used repeatedly. That's why he gets silenced so much.
                Wind Keep Spellsword has 2/2 and Evermore Steward has Guard. Both cost 2 as it is. 2 extra magicka for an effect like that, that can summon multiple 5/5 guards? The blooming effect itself protects him, and as soon as it triggers he has an instant guard.


                This card is used by 8 of the top 10 Sorcerer decks on, and in 24% of overall INT decks. So no, no buffing needed.

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                  I disagree, I think he is a great card and gets a good amount of play. Being able to proc it more than once can be game winning if they don't have an immediate way to handle it. I mean hes a 4 cost card really only has a few negative trades (those are silences and destroy creatures with less than 2 power spells). The majority of the time he will give you at least 6 value or lock down a lane

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                    Silences are plenty and usually come on creatures.


                    Destroy 2 or less attack spells are plenty and come on creatures or very cheap spells.


                    Curses -1/-1 are plenty and usually come on creatures.


                    And even if he does proc, you have basically in essence made a 5/5 with Guard at the cost of 4, taking a huge risk, also while only dealing 1 damage to something. Which only slight value in itself.


                    Even if we gave him one health, so what? Now we have a 1/2, you can still silence him/still remove his ward/still curse him to make him a 0/2 that just wastes space. The only thing remaining it changes is that by investing 4 mana and a turn, we at don't have our board totally shut down by what others can do on turn 2 or 2 magicka WHILE they spam a creature.


                    Eitherway, you said you see him being played alot. Might I have proof? I mean, I don't think I've seen him in a single deck I've fought for the past week. (I'm not trying to say you're lying, just that I'd like to see what cards he's being played with that allow him not to be run over/silenced/cursed/dispelled the moment he's played.

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                      Sure! I guess I really should have provided direct links instead of just throwing out the relevant website.


                      Proof regarding overall use of 24%: Breton Conjurer - Card - Legends Decks - The Elder Scrolls: Legends

                      Proof of use in 8 of the 10 most popular Sorcerer decks: Sorcerer Decks - Legends Decks - The Elder Scrolls: Legends


                      Huh. Looks like it's only 7 of 10. Maybe they've changed, or I could have miscounted. Anyhoo, have a nosey around those, many have write-ups on cool stuffs like synergies and VIP cards.

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                        24% out of 1024 sample INTELLIGENCE decks! Hahhahahahahahah. That proves my point that he actually doesn't see use. Why? Remember the starter Sorcerer deck the game gives you? That has Breton Conjuror in it. People were FORCED to play him if they wanted to start off as Intelligence. This percentage proves my point even further, driving it home.


                        As to your second link, no where does it say it's played in 8 of 10 most popular Sorcerer decks. You're just making it up. It's just a webpage showing deck builds people post, I can make a ton of deck builds and post them and throw in mudcrabs - then tell you, "Hey, mudcrab is VERY viable. It's in 100% of the deck builds on this page.". They post it, they don't play it. FurtherMORE, remember what I said about people HAVING NO CHOICE but to play Breton Conjuror at the start? What deck was it they forced upon you? Oh right, Sorcerer. .


                        I'm just saying, if you want to provide links and "proof". Don't do it thinking we won't notice the little things, especially when I'm looking at it. . *hint hint*



                        I still haven't seen another Intelligence deck with Breton Conjuror played in the past few days, or maybe he died so fast I couldn't even notice him? Hah.

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                          It is well costed.

                          The only reason it is not an overpowered card, is that it has counters.

                          Even when it has counters, it is still powerful if used strategically.

                          I have e.g. seen people wait to cast it until they proc the atronach with their own aoe effect in the same turn.


                          As a 1/2 it would be too strong.

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                            Oh yeah they're FORCED to use it for like 1-3 games until they get another deck. I think hes perfectly balanced the way he is personally, there are a lot worse cards for sure. What is the purpose of this thread? To let off steam because he got cursed out of play before you had a chance to proc him? boo hoo

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                              1/2 would be too strong? How? Explain.


                              Does it kill your minions more effectively? No.

                              Does it make it deal more face damage? No.

                              Does it allow it to have other special abilities like "Kill wounded" or "Immune to Silence"? No.

                              Does it make it less susecptible to being rendered useless by silences? No.

                              Does it make it less susceptible to being rendered useless by curses? No.

                              Does it really make it a tank now? No, it's 1 hp. And still 1 attack.


                              Will it be imbalanced statwise? No, it's 1 bloody hp.

                              Will it be imbalanced abilitywise? No, it's still the same.


                              Does it still waste your entire turn of 4 magicka if it gets countered by any of the other cards that have Silence/Curses tied free of charge to valuable creatures? Yes.

                              Is it still hard countered by those cards AND many others who can be played before turn 4? Yes.

                              Is it still removable by most of the current methods that are used against him? Yes.



                              As to your question on: "I've seen some people trigger his ability with their own aoe." Err ...isn't that the whole point? They spent TWO cards, TWO turns, a total of TEN magicka (or 8, if you count firestorm). To pull off that stunt. Are you really so petty that you'd say that "This is too much value." when they paid all that? If you are ...well ...then I would direct your attention to some green cards who spend way less mana, debilitate way more creatures, and only need 1 card to do so that gives them a 5/4. XD.

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                                Well, you seem a bit like a troll from the way you speak (What's up with that "booohoo" sentence? Aren't all debate threads like that? Is this the first time you've seen one?" so ...I'm not really putting that much expectation on the value of your personal opinions. Just saying.



                                But if you were to phrase it as "What's the point of this thread? To ask them to change him a tiny bit so that he doesn't immediately be removed from the game by a 2 cost card, that not only removes him, but also spawns a 1/1 guard minion at the same time? While you had to spend 4 mana, wait a turn, and do nothing?"


                                Then yes, that's the whole point? Are you trying to reinforce my point but make yourself seem silly at the same time?

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                                  It is too strong since it does not die to -1/-1 effects.


                                  Then it would be broken.

                                  Any card with basically 7/7 worth of stats for 4 magicka is broken.


                                  Not hard to answer your question at all.


                                  And get a clue?

                                  The ice storm clears your opponents board, which is why you cast it.

                                  On top of which you trigger your own Conjurer.

                                  Wow, you are appearing dense.

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                                    sorry, forgot you're not allowed to add an element of humour in an attempt to make someone see how silly they sound, without being accused of being a troll

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