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    Is this normal or does the game hate me?


      I opened 23 packs yesterday and got only 1 legendary and 4 epics. Is this the normal rate or does the game hate me?

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          Sounds about normal to me.

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            its called cash grab, you could of earned these cards in practice mode but not anymore after the patch

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              Very off topic lol Raizes1.


              But to answer your gripes, you can still earn them in practice mode after the patch.

              Just not all in one day.

              20 practice games a day is almost an epic a day via practice, not really a limitation for most of us.

              And yes I am free to play, and will probably be doing those 20 matches a day at times.


              As to cash grab ... if they don't make any money, no point for them in making the game.

              Its good practice to prevent botting.

              So well done to them on fixing a loophole they had not realized existed.