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    Drag and drop glitches....


      Since this last patch when I go to fast to drag and drop a card it drops a completely different card from my hand. I also noticed the shadow lane cloud appears different. Could there be a connection? Anyone else seeing this?

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          Yup, I dropped the wrong card three times before I realized it wasn't me making a mistake.  It is grabbing a neighbour card sometimes, have to go slow and make sure the card you selected is the same hovering before you drop it.

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            Same issue here. Lost a game because of it. If you guys at Bethesda know how to fix this issue that would be awesome!

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              I had someone play a suppress against me, but he dragged it across his card on the board and it cast on him instead, and cost him the game. My guess is its the same issue.

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                Looks to be hotfixed already.  Could be mistaken but doesn't seem to swap now.


                EDIT: Nope still happening. Just got lucky for awhile there.

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                  Yes, I've also had issues. It seems the area for selecting the card to play is just a little off from the graphics of the cards. I have unintentionally selected the wrong card and played it (augh). Several times I selected a card and been told I don't have enough mana (because it was actually selecting the bigger card next to it).


                  I also saw an opponent accidentally give lethal to one of my cards in the same lane as his/her the Skooma dealer khajit, so it seems the whole drag-and-drop scheme is a little broken.

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                    Same issue here.

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                      It's been days. Still waiting on a reply, announcement, fix anything.. They are being so silent about this huge error. You make profit from this devs. Even in beta, we try to support and tell you glitches. Maybe reply some of the issues eh ? I mean, care about your player base eh ?