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    What's the better aggro deck?


      Can you guys tell me if there is the better between redguards, orcs, or totally red decks?? I need to know any cheap and competitive deck to make it for me. Please help!

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          Well it depends on what cards you have...


          I've found good success with aggro assassin (and Tazkad is the only legendary you really need, but there are a few epics which are nice).


          I've been playing a crusader which is heavily red (only 9 yellow cards I think).  My version runs all the charge minions, and the firebrand generators.


          I've built and played the Warrior Orc build, and when it hits it makes massively huge orcs who are almost impossible to deal with, but I've not found it to be very reliable, and it really struggles if it gets behind.  That said I didn't play it that long so it might be better than I think just due to me not being as versed in the game as I am now.


          I don't think there's a great advantage to mono-red, as a splash of 6-9 off color cards likely provides a boost, but certainly if you just want to run outposts for max value (and ensure your allys always go off) then you can try it.

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            Redguards are one of the simplest decks to build on a budget you don't even need legendaries, a few are useful but generally the core cards are pretty easily obtained commons and only a few epics form your win conditions.  honestly in some cases even you'll be able to burst down an opponent just because of the equipment synergies.


            Orc's are a bit harder to get working and flowing correctly, you'll also need some a significant number of epic cards and a couple of copies of the legendary headhunter orc to really 'finish' the deck. I wouldn't recommend orcs for your first deck competitive deck unless you just really like orcs.


            Assassin can be played aggro but requires a bit more thought than other deck builds to utililize last gasps effectively and really force your opponent to make bad trades. but to push it to really competitive levels you'll want a few legendaries, specifically Ungolim, barenziah(Incredibly useful for forcing opponents to attack deshan avengers or some other last gasp), and necrom mastermind. Also you'll definitely want a couple of sadras agents. Mournhold traitor is situationally useful but often backfires if it dies too quickly(your opponent gets free board advantage if they can lightning bolt it for example) Oh and stay away from balmora spymaster if you want to go aggro. or...in general really.


            Monk is also an option and it can be played pretty aggressively plus since everyone has a quin'rawl you have at least one card that can serve as a win condition already. use some lane switching effects and some cutpurses throw in a couple of other drains or snaketooth necklaces, and you have the beginnings of a competitive deck that wants to hit face as often as possible to trigger pilfers. or you can build it into an otk deck or run green touched spriggans as a backup plan. monk is probably the most versatile of aggro decks and the abiltiy to move your creatures is quite useful.


            And of course there's archer which has alot of options but is less flexible when things don't go their way, archer tends to either wreck people or flounder a bit hoping the opponent makes a mistake. There's not as much variation in their options as other decks but they have a lot of ways to remove creatures and access to the raw power of str cards.

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              Thanks for the response! Yea I've made a BUDGET ASSASSIN DECK that is aggressive sometimes but I like my experience with monored turns out it went well , cause i made it to rank 1 today thanks to aggro