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    Working as intended question?...


      I have had a few experiences with the deshan avenger, and the brutal ashlander. My question is this does the Avenger summon on death happen before or after they are dead?? It seems odd that if Brutal Ashlander dies at exactly the same time when it kills Deshan if there are no other targets it should hit 3 to face, not the deshan replacement. Just my roleplay roots coming in to play here but attacking a mob from the future makes no sense. Any other thoughts on this?

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          If its as intended maybe the devs could change the action to something like a corpus bomb that lingers to kill, rather than the instant sickle. Just a suggestion.

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            Interesting scenario. To clarify though, are you saying that Ashy-lips *has* killed the replacement Deshaan?
            If so, that is indeed off. Flipping guy's OP as it is, but as you say taking effect *after* a Last Gasp? Up, this is messed.

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              I have a feeling this is part of the code that's also responsible for Haunting Spirit's buff finding a Last Gasped creature after a clear card is played.

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                I believe it has to do with the order the cards are played. From what I've experienced, if two last gasp effects trigger at the same time, they don't actually happen simultaneously.


                If Ashlander is played first and kills a deshan avenger who was played later, the Ashlander's Last Gasp should never kill the replacement creature as its effect triggers before the Deshan's. If the deshan avenger is played first, then if the Ashlander kills it, the Deshan will trigger first and summon the replacement creature, then the ashlander will trigger and could possibly kill said creature.

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                  As stated Deshan was at 3/1, the ashlander attacked it and killed the replacement as there was nothing else on the board. I don't mind this if its intended, but the last gasp for ashy should be changed to reflect its lingering effect.

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                    But which creature was summoned first? The Ashlander or the Avenger?


                    For example: Avenger is played on t4, opponent then plays Brutal Ashlander on their next turn.


                    The Avenger was played first so if the two creatures trade down the road, the Last Gasp effect of the Avenger will trigger first, summoning the replacement minion, then the Ashlander will go off, destroying the replacement.


                    If the Ashlander was played first, say on turn 3, and the Avenger was played afterwards on T4, if they trade in this situation, the Ashlander's effect should happen first, meaning it can't kill the replacement creature because its not summoned yet.

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                      Deloth, that explanation is some sick twisted attack from the future to kill mob from that past kind of bull Sh*$#. My mind is officially blown. I think it time to take the blue pill and lie down.

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                        Actually, if Deloth is correct then that sounds pretty legit. Regardless, the point has been raised, we may now leave it in the almighty hands of our great and terrible lupine overlords.