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    Deck Tracker idea


      I would like to develop a deck tracker for ES: Legends. (an overlay program that tells you what cards you have drawn this game and what is left in your deck) I would like to know what the devs think. Are they ok with this? If they are, it is quite tricky to do this, as there is no log file. The tracker would needs to listen on the appropriate network port for messages from the game server. The thing with this is: only the game knows how to interpret these messages. Interpreting the packet payloads as ASCII results in weird garbled text. (with recurring patterns)


      As we don't have the games source code, we don't know how to interpret the received packets. Somehow I would need to figure out what packet tells you what card you draw, and read the card from that. But it is quite hard to reverse engineer the application layer protocol used for telling you what card you drew. Any ideas anyone? (or devs maybe)

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          I don't understand why they don't save .log files for each game.  I would love that.  Also would love for a replay feature so that you can rewatch games, and people can share their .log of games they want to share.