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    No Founder Title w/ Starter Pack Purchase


      I recently purchased the Starter Pack, and I got my 10 packs and legendary, but I still do not have access to the Founder Title. It's greyed out in my title list and I can't use it. Is there anything I can do about this?

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          Hey Gerglug, when you mouse over it, you should see the title move up a bit, and if you select it and close the title selection window you should see the title has been applied over your avatar's image.  The Founder title is a special title which appears silver in the list. 


          If that isn't the case for you, please take a screenshot of the titles screen when your mouse is over that title and share a link to it so we can take a look at it.

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            Hey, i have the same problem; i bought the starter pack at the end of september but the title did not unlock :/


            Here are 2 screenshots.


            The Elder Scrolls Legends 2016-10-10 14-21-10-858.jpgThe Elder Scrolls Legends 2016-10-10 14-21-15-954.jpg


            Hope there is anything you can do about it

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              Thank you for reporting this issue, the development team is aware of this issue and they are investigating it. 

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                Would like to say I also have this issue: I believe it is because I bought the pack but had not done the story mode yet, so had no profile or titles section? Is this the case for the others with the problem?

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                  I bought the starter pack after i finished the story so that can't be it. Any news on this btw?