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    NAT issues?


      First off I want to say that Doom 4 multiplayer is the best first person shooter I have ever played.


      Please keep in mind that multiplayer is what keeps the game alive.


      You've done a lot for multiplayer but the strict Nat issue must be resolved.


      an update that shows everyone's NAT type on their name plate.


      People think that there's nobody playing the game. Meanwhile they probably have strict Nat and they're just clueless. And apparently you're just letting them be

      Clueless. I don't see any excuse why you shouldn't at least tell them what's going on. Perhaps make a population counter for each of the playlist. Maybe if people see that there is a high population they will wonder why they're not finding a game and investigate and then discovered that it's because they have strict Nat.

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          I don't think there is any chance whatsoever that a dev or even a mod will read your post.  I scanned it and you might get one or two other hardcore players to glance at it.  Hope it was worth the effort.