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    Yours most liked / most hated class




      Inspired by Pyrius's thread (The ultimate most liked / most hated card thread ), I've decided to open this thread for you to say your ONE favorite class and ONE most hated class, and the reasons of course


      This is not about discussing whether a class is better or not, just to point out the favorites and most hated.

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          This is mine:


          Most liked:


          + + + S O R C E R E R + + +


          Reason: I love Bretons and Wards and Intelligence


          Most Hated:

          Spellsword. I don't know why, I just hate it.

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            Favorite class is Archer cause they're fun to play. Most hated is Orcs(warrior) pre-nerf during the Closed Beta.

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              Favorite Classes: ~Assassin~ and -*-Mage-*-


              Cause i love Dark Elves and Control Decks and int in general


              Least Fave: -Crusader- cause it rewards you for going face and the gives you a huge boardclear to continue your smorc extravaganza and makes me Q.Q every time. Maybe i just hate nords / strength decks

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                Favorite, by a wide wide margin is Assassin.  I love the tricks you play with moving creatures between lanes, giving them cover after they attack, moving covered creatures to the field lane...  I loved the prophecy build I had with fate weavers and ransacks and about every other prophecy I could stick in (even though that deck didn't win as well as other builds).


                Least Favorite?  Mage.  Mage by a margin so wide it's ridiculous.  When I face a mage deck I honestly just consider conceding immediately so that I don't  have to waste my time playing against some ***** who takes a minute every turn deciding at what point he should not play anything and just pass.  As much as I like how runes and prophecies function to balance out different deck types in this game, Control Mage is so utterly painfully boring to play against that I almost (almost...) wish they would adopt some of the proposals put forth to neuter control mage to the point where it's unplayable.  And not because it wins too much (though some could argue that it does), just because playing against it is such a waste of time.  It also doesn't help that LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE TIME (hyperbole, ok folks ) they have Nahk into Oda on turn 9 or 10.  Every, single time...


                It's the rich mans deck that just sucks the joy out of playing the game for me.

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                  Love my ward sorc, love it. I don't think there is anything equivalent to the feeling you get of dropping a mentor's ring on a full board of bretons, smile everytime. I also really enjoy my mid-range crusader as, yes, you are rewarded for going face on occasion and breaking runes apposed to constantly being punished for doing the same.


                  My least favorite is definitely scout-ramp and to a lesser but still present extent, control-mage. I simply feel that stall tactics(guards/guards with ramp), amount of ramp, removal, and late game threats are all nearly impossible to play around in this particular game. The only option being smorc, which is then punished by prophecy. It is just a perfect storm in this game, and it is simply not enjoyable to play against. Effectively, it seems, no matter what you do going against a scout/mage, you are on their terms.

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                    Most liked: any kind of Spellsword


                    Most hated: right now none

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                      My most liked class is definitely crusader.  I like aggro, I really like what the nords do, and almost no other deck can outrace me.


                      My least favorite class is a harder choice.  I don't really dislike any of them, but I'll go ahead and say crusader again because of how many gems my deck still needs.

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                        Not really a favourite class, i love playing all kind of control decks, but right now it's mage.

                        The class i dislike the most is crusader, and generically all aggro decks that do nothing but going smorc from turn 1, abusing broken cards like divine fervor.

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